Vulnerable women given home ownership option through taxpayer-funded house project

The house-and-land packages for single women range between $320,000 and $395,000 and construction of the first nine properties is expected to begin in February next year. The deal works because the SA Housing Authority holds a percentage of the ownership via a second...

Women in Australia’s biggest cities retire younger than their urban counterparts

Cost of living pressures may be encouraging some Australians to shift to a more affordable region after retirement. But for many, rising property values have transformed retirement plans. "We’ve been very, very fortunate.” Sydney worker Jenny Lindsay, 62, will retire...

Homelessness has grown by 31% for women aged 55 & older

The number of women aged 55 and over who experience homelessness in Australia has grown by 31% between 2011 and 2016. This trend is expected to continue unless social housing provision is expanded, given the gap in men’s and women’s lifetime wealth accumulation. As...

Women and Wealth Seminar

This seminar is for every woman who wants the big money questions answered..….

  • I earn $120K why do I still have no money?
  • I’ll never own a home
  • How can I boost my super when I have no spare cash?
  • I’m sick of working for someone else
  • How much money will I really need in retirement?
  • Am I doing the best I can with the money I have
  • I’m in love….or they left me for a younger person what do I do?

    Wealth building is a journey throughout life. At this seminar we tackle real questions and offer real solutions for all life stages.  We’ll leave you with a “If you only do one thing tip”.

    If you are looking for a kick-start, like the idea of being part of a network of like minded women, hear straightforward tips to give you greater financial control, backed by a team of qualified professionals who you can trust, then make the time to focus on your finances and attend this introductory seminar.

    Bring a friend, the more the merrier, just register everyone’s details below as seats are limited.


    Lesley Gregg

    Founder, Women and Wealth

    Matthew Mousa

    Partner, TLK Finance

    Event registration

    Regular Ticket: $25

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