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Money has powerful impact on most areas of our lives – from our relationships and the ability to afford life experiences, to our security and, yes, even our happiness. Our money situation is the key to achieving financial security and living our desired lives.

Yet most of us don’t have easy access to personal support and guidance when it comes to making important financial decisions. We’re unsure how best to work toward greater financial wellness.

As Certified Personal Finance Consultants, helping you strengthen your financial position is our primary goal. Together we will work on improving your financial situation by addressing your financial behaviors, empowering you with knowledge, offering guidance when you need it, and supporting you through each stage in the process.

Coaching Process

Step 1

Through a series of conversations and review of your personal finances, we will assess your current financial situation and define your personal financial goals. This step allows us to understand your personal needs and customize the coaching to you.

Step 2

After diagnosing your financial situation, together we establish and prioritize your goals. You will receive guidance, educational materials, and support to help you accomplish those steps and you’ll become empowered with the skill sets you need to confidently work toward your financial goals.

Step 3

We monitor your progress toward your goals, adjusting your plan as your situation changes and as you accomplish milestone goals. You receive ongoing support to work toward your next level of new financial goals.

My Responsibilities to You

We are passionate about helping others work toward greater financial wellness. The Certified Personal Finance Consultant through the National Financial Educators Council ensures our staff meet the highest educational and practice standards in the industry.

Our loyalty and fiduciary responsibility is to you. We have your best interests at heart and comply with the Financial Coaching Standards & Code of Conduct that outlines the Ethical, Professional, and Practice Standards for financial coaching professionals. We also fully comply with the FTC’s Safeguard and Disposal Rules to protect your information and confidentiality.

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