Women and Wealth Club





Would you like the support of friends or family as you work toward your financial goals? Is helping your loved ones work toward financial wellness important to you? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then our peer group financial coaching may be for you.

Our peer group financial coaching plan provides you with personal coaching support, plus added accountability and support from your group of trusted loved ones.

Coaching Process & Additional Resources

The process is the same as the Personal and financial coaching, but with additional meetings and support sessions with your peers. Everyone who participates receives personal reports, personal coaching sessions, and all the other items in the coaching package you select.

Group Meetings

Through the interview process, we identify areas on which your group needs to work, and address those areas in our gatherings. You can meet your peers in person or virtually via streamed live video.

Accountability Partner

Peer accountability adds another layer of encouragement to help you reach your goals. Accountability partner training is provided as well as established check-in points.

Study Partner

During the coaching process, you will be studying lessons that help you work toward greater financial health. You will be matched with a study partner in your group who has strengths in areas where you may need support

What to Look for in Peer Coaching Partners

It’s important to find peers who will add value to your coaching experience, while you add value to their experience. Consider the following desirable traits in those you invite to participate in peer coaching with you:





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