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Upon completion of this course, students will be able to save, protect and make much more so that their net worth is significantly higher in the long run. You will be confident in your own personal finance by the end of this course!
How to Overcome Your Financial Psychology formed in your youth and how to take back control.
The Best Strategies to Budget for Your Life Goals without missing out.
How to Set up Your Team of Resources for Success who will help you to fortify your financial future.
The Secret Millionaires user to Exit the Rat Race and build wealth.
How to Meet That Credit Requirement and how to build a better credit score that will dazzle your lenders.
How a High Income doesn’t necessarily make your dreams come true and how you can leverage investing to make your money work for you.
How to defend your Career against Globalisation and salary competition.
The legal ways to reduce your taxes.
How to Protect Yourself from Risk and use insurance to your advantage.
Key Strategies to Invest in Your Future including stocks, financial products.
Why investing in Yourself is a lifelong pursuit.
The top methods to increase your income now and throughout your career.

This course includes:

  • Feminine Finance is a Masterclass worth joining.

It can be hard to talk about being uneducated on any topic, especially for women. Some of us are so used to being underestimated that we can’t stand the thought of saying, “I don’t get it.” This is your safe zone. We know you’re brilliant and ambitious, and we know that a lot of this is new information. You can learn it, and you can feel good about learning it.

Feminine Finance exists to help empower women and become part of the gender parity solution.

We spend so much time working hard to earn our moneyLet’s stop to think about how we use it.

Earning more isn’t the only way to make your dreams come true. Knowing how to use the money you have can make all the difference in the world. When you graduate from Feminine Finance, you’ll have everything you need to change your life.

⦁ Learn Your Way

We don’t all have the same style of learning. Learn your way with video content, text transcripts and live coaching sessions.

⦁ Learn Everything

We don’t skim over the info. Feminine Finance has 10 in-depth modules that teach you everything you’ll need.

⦁ Stay Engaged

Even serious topics are allowed to be fun. Come enjoy quizzes, activities, and a community of peers.

⦁ Avoid Bias

Many financial literacy courses are designed to push a financial product. We push your best interests instead.

Feminine Finance is more than financial literacy.

You know the basics of using your money. You save, your bills are paid, and you’ll be okay if there’s an emergency. This is a Masterclass. It is customised for your life. Our supportive community will make the journey fun and rewarding. You’ll be transformed.

Why are women in global financial distress?

Even with in advanced economies such as Australia and United States the gender pay gap remains at about 17%.
Consistently women lag behind men on financial literacy across generations. Most of us are never taught to use money wisely. We have to save more than men to sustain ourselves and reach our goals, but we remain uneducated.

  • We live longer
  • retire with less
  • do more unpaid work
  • give up working to act as primary caregiver
  • and have lower pensions

Statistically, we have a confidence issue. We’d rather talk about our own funerals than money. Have life insurance? Doing something lucrative with our savings? No… that’s okay.

The reality is that women’s biggest financial regret is not investing more. We wish we were more educated, but education remains our #1 barrier to investing.  Financial mastery is the key to achieving your goals. And the sooner, the better.


Kick down the doors to endless opportunities with these 10 comprehensive modules:

1. Overcome Your Financial Psychology
Just like our professional, dietary, and romantic behaviors, our financial behavior is formed in our youth and stays with us until we take back control.

2. Budget for Your Life Goals
We tend to make value-based decisions instead of bottom-line-based decisions. Learn how that affects your household expenses and goals and how you can strategize to get the same value without missing out.

3. Your Resources for Success

As you fortify your financial future, you’ll need a small network of specialized pros to protect your assets and advise your decisions.

4. Exit the Rat Race

Avoid the rat race and learn the secret that millionaires use to build wealth. Here’s a hint: it’s multiple streams of income.

5. Meet That Credit Requirement

Some of your goals might require a better credit score. Build a credit profile that will dazzle your lenders and get yourself closer than ever to your goals.

6. The Truth About Your Income 

Anyone who’s ever had a low income can tell you that your income matters. But your income alone won’t make your dreams come true. Learn the 7 asset types every woman should have and how you can leverage compound interest.

7. Financial Self-Defence

Learn how you can protect your career against globalization and salary competition. Bonus: did you know there are legal ways to reduce your taxes?

8. Protect Yourself From Risk

Statistically, this is where we get nervous. Gain the knowledge to manage risk wisely and use insurance to your advantage.

9. Invest in Your Future

Today is the day we shake off our fear of investing and embrace the different ways we can secure a better financial future, whether stocks, financial products, or simply establishing a solid plan.

10. Invest in Yourself

Let’s increase your income! Education and skill development are lifelong pursuits with endless ROI. Learn the top methods to increase your income now and throughout your career.

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Course Content

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1. Overcome Your Financial Psychology
Lesson Content
2. Budget for Your Life Goals
3. Your Resources for Success
4. Exit the Rat Race
5. Meet That Credit Requirement
6. The Truth About Your Income
7. Financial Self-Defence
8. Protect Yourself From Risk
9. Invest in Your Future
10. Plan your Dream Career

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