Women and Wealth Club

Your New Financial Life is Waiting for You

Together We will Embark on a Journey From Where You are Now, to Where You Want to Be

In Today’s Complex Financial World, We Face Financial Challenges That Can Take A Heavy Toll on Many Areas Of Our Lives

Our feelings about our financial situations can range from light concerns popping up at different times throughout the day, to paralyzing worry and stress that can spill over into our relationships, emotional states, and general enjoyment of life. From the time we were born, our financial pictures have been shaped by our loved ones, advertisers, and peer influencers.

Very few of us ever received any financial education to address common financial live events like:

Overcoming Financial Hardships & Challenges

Life Changes Like Graduation Or Childbirth

Preparing for Transitions in Our Personal Finances

Gaining Control Over Our Financial Situations

I Understand and My Passion is Helping Others Improve Their Financial Outlook

When you grow up without money you build money aspirations very early on. Without the role models nor the financial education, after years of hard work and missteps along the way, looking back I wish there was someone I could turn for independent financial coaching.

Had I have found this person early on, I would have made better money decisions earlier and short cut the process of achieving financial wellbeing.

This is why I’ve made it my mission to give independent support to others who need help with their finances. It’s my calling to help you work toward greater financial wellness, so you can live the life you desire and gain the sense of security you deserve.

Financial Coaching & Education Services

We can all live more fulfilling lives and get on track toward our long-term financial goals. But getting there takes more than just financial knowledge: it requires changing behaviours developing systems and prioritizing financial action steps. That’s where I come in.

As a financial coach with a Certified Personal Finance Consultant designation, my objectives and responsibilities are to help you reach your goals . I do not offer or sell any financial products as part of my coaching role; I am 100% loyal to you and your best interests.

Personal & Partner Financial Coaching

Together we will work on improving your financial situation by addressing your financial behaviors, empowering you with knowledge, offering guidance when you need it, and supporting you through each stage in the process.

Peer & Small Group Financial Coaching

Our peer group financial coaching plan provides you with personal coaching support, plus added accountability and support from your group of trusted loved ones.

Financial Coaching Options for Organizations

Giving your staff or team access to the services of financial coaching professionals can help them feel supported as they work to resolve financial challenges and achieve greater financial strength

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